Phil & Lori Meyer - Joyful Jewels Recycled Art​

The story of how Joyful Jewels came about…
Phil and Lori Meyer are in their early 50’s and have been married 35 years.  In April 2017 Phil had a massive brain bleed and seizure.  He is no longer able to work or drive because of a degenerative brain disease.  One month later Lori got a virus in her heart.  After receiving a pacemaker and defibrillator she can no longer work either.  They had a choice and they choose gratitude and JOY!  They put their God given gifts to work and Joyful Jewels was launched.  We hope you are blessed by their art…says a proud Mom! 

About their art pieces – 
Each piece is a one of a kind, unique re-creation of reclaimed treasures.